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Thread: I need more forums

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    Default I need more forums

    This weekend I released JFreeReport 0.9.

    In the days where Nicolaus Wirth was still alive, I learned in school that one should always create modular code. So JFreeReport 0.9 is a modular set of libraries now. (And I hated me for that when I did the release of those 11 projects ..)


    As these sub-projects will also grow and prospoer outside the world of JFreeReport (I hope), I will need a forum for them. I surely dont want questions on them to be mixed with the reporting questions. I guess for the beginning one common forum will be ok for all libraries.

    And once (or should I say if) at some time in the future all other projects of the Pentaho-family are as modular as JFreeReport's projects, then support for the backend libraries can go to that forum as well.
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    gmoran Guest

    Default No problem.. need your input though

    This is no problem Thomas. Where would you see this new Commons forum living in the hierarchy, and what would you like to name it? I will put it into the plan for Sunday.

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