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Thread: Welcome - Start here!

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    Default Welcome - Start here!

    This forum is for the discussion of features of Pentaho Workflow.

    You can discuss existing features – how they work, how you’d like to see them enhanced – as well as suggest new features. Please use the separate “issues??? forum if you have a problem or bug you want to discuss.

    This is a public forum, which is open to anyone to read. To post, you need to be a registered user of the site. The terms of use for the site apply.

    Thanks for your interest in the Pentaho BI Project and being part of the community.

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    Default Re:Welcome - Start here! (VERY SIMPLE QUESTIONS)

    if workflow means applying output from one action as input to other actions, i should be at the right forum :-)

    what i want to do is the following, create an xaction that:

    1. asks a database or some webservice (xml-file) for some data (so far so good)

    2. use the report-tool to create some figures to make management happy (works but the charts look a bit strange sometimes...)

    3. display the result.

    i'm able to create .png's from my output from the first action using the report-tool as described on page 29 in Creating Pentaho Solutions (the ChartComponent), they wind up in the pentaho-solutions/system/tmp/ cataloge,(tmp_chart_xxxx.png),what i want to do is to display these pictures using the same xaction.

    does anyone know how this can be done?

    thanks in advance

    Bjarne Holen

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