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    jdixon Guest

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    Please use this forum to coordinate translation of the Pentaho BI Platform.

    James Dixon
    Chief Geek

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    Bonjour à tous,

    Je suis également très intéressé à participer à l'élaboration de la traduction française de Pentaho.


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    Hello James,

    I contacted you guys at Pentaho 6 months ago to try to organize the french translation; your answer then was that the opensource community policy is that things have to organize themselves and that the more committed members will do the work (alone?) to have their name on the contributor list.
    This method obviously leads to a waste of time and energy; as a net result, as far as I can see after 6 months, nothing is translated (in any language).
    You just can(t throw files on Internet and expect them to come back, neat and correctly translated to several languages without a minimum of involvement ant organization.
    My proposition still stands to help you organize this translation and finally have a visible result quickly. As you can see on this forum, a few guys are out there ready to help!



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    jdixon Guest

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    Hi Jean,

    The idea with this method is that the French comminuty contributes a little time and effort to recieve a lot of usable product in return.

    We already have translations for Dutch and Chinese. These were contributed recently and will be in the next build we release. The open source method is working for some communities.

    We are surprised that the French community has not finished a translation yet. I am not sure how far along they are as the forum posts are in French.

    We spent a lot of effort making the product and the demo ready for translation.
    • We moved all of the text from Java and JSP files are in .properties files.
    • We created a method for moving text from XSL files into .properties files.
    • We created a method for moving text from XML files into .properties files.
    • We created a guide to help understand how to do translations.
    • We created forums for people to discuss and cooperate.
    • We answer emails from people doing the translations.

    You are welcome to participate in the French translation. If you need any assistance please contact us.

    James Dixon

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