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Thread: Plz help me Solving in Pentaho deployment

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    Default Plz help me Solving in Pentaho deployment

    Dear Techies,
    I got response from your side regarding how to deploy Pentaho in My JBoss. I am using JBoss 4.0.2. I have moved forward in this matter. Many many thanks to Gretchen and Morogan. Still I am having another problem in the deployment. I am getting the end of ZLIB input Stream at Please help me in identifying this issues. I am eagerly waiting for this reply.

    Piku Mishra
    Systems Engineer

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    Default Re:Plz help me Solving in Pentaho deployment

    I'm happy for your successes! Could you please provide a little more context around the problem?

    Is it happening during deployment? Can you provide a full stack-trace so that we can see where the problem is occurring?


    Marc Batchelor

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