I'm new in Pentaho BI and have a question about the Workflow-Engine.
I've installed and configured Mercury IT Governance Center several times but now i'm interested in how could i manage this in Pentaho:
- I want to design a process
- Create a web-based form
- define roles and rules
- integrate a DMS (like Alfresco)
- put all of it on a buisness-workflow
The solution should be something like for e.g. software-life-cycle. Like a Demand with the information about the standard (creator, date, time, prio and functional spec stored in the DMS) goes into a realease-management, then to software-development (here you need the functional spec and tec. requirements). Every Process-Step have to be done by a role (Solution Architect, QA,...). Fields should be visible status-dependend (visible, editable, mandatory).

Does anyone could give me a Answer, who could i manage this in the Pentaho-BI-Suite.

Thx - Heico

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