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    Here are some problems i encountered with BIRT within Pentaho :

    1- While i'm using BIRT 1.0.1, each time i create a report i have to edit the xml file and change the version attribute otherwise it won't run under pentaho.

    2- Even after having change the version charts within reports doesn't appear. I got some errors on the console.

    3- I tried to make the changes explained in the forum . Now i don't get errors anymore in the console but nomore reports at all when i deploy in pentaho. The report is simply blank....

    I'm very disappointed. I wrote many posts about that but no feedback.
    I plan to use now JasperReports because in the demo i have seen some examples with charts.
    I have to learn this tool from scratch. I chose BIRT because people in this forum seem to like it most but finally ....

    I really feel Pentaho but i think that if one thing is not available it shoulb be clearly announced. I read the roadmap but it seems like BIRT worked perfectly....

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    Our latest drop of the Pentaho platform (version comes with version 1.0.1 RC1 of the Birt runtime. If you've tried to upgrade the default Pentaho install with the latest 1.0.1 version of the Birt runtime plugins and jars, you may have not copied all the necessary files.

    I've just downloaded the latest Pentaho preconfigured install and upgraded to the latest Birt 1.0.1 runtime release, and have been able to display a Birt report containing both a spreadsheet and a chart. Here are the steps I performed.

    1) Downloaded and unzip the from the Pentaho web site.

    2)Download and unzip from

    3)Replace the pentaho-demo\\pentaho-solutions\\system\\BIRT\\plugins directory with the birt-runtime-1_0_1\\Web Viewer Example\\plugins

    4)Copy all the jars in the birt-runtime-1_0_1\\Web Viewer Example\\WEB-INF\\lib directory into the pentaho-demo\\jboss\\server\\default\\deploy\\pentaho.war\\WEB-INF\\lib directory

    5)There may now be multiple versions of some jars in in the pentaho.war\\WEB-INF\\lib directory (Ex. commons-codec-x.x.jar). Remove any older versions from the directory.

    6)Replace the pentaho-demo\\pentaho-solutions\\samples\\reporting\\BIRT-quadrant-budget-hsql.rptdesign with the report I have attached with this reply. Note that the file I've attached has a slightly different name so you'll have to rename it. This is a report I created using version 1.0.1 of the birt rcp report designer. It has both a chart and a spreadsheet on it. The report uses the default hypersonic db that comes with the pentaho preconfigured install, so it should work without modification. If you've changed the db login for pentaho_user, you will have to modify the DB login in the report. Here's the DB connection info being used by the report:

    DB Driver = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    DB URL = jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/sampledata

    7)Run pentaho-demo/start-pentaho.bat to start the pentaho server.

    8) User your browser to navigate to the pentaho reporting examples http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Naviga...orting&action=

    9)Click on the Eclipse BIRT HTML Example

    10) A report with a chart and spreadsheet should appear. The report is not very pretty but it should show up.

    You may want to try this and see if it works for you.

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