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Thread: Percentage in Mondrian for Analysis

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    Default Re:Percentage in Mondrian for Analysis

    Hi! I understand your response to my last question, but I hope you will still consider helping me and possibly others who read this post.

    First, help for others:
    I read some very good tutorials at At the bottom of this page are links to mdx tutorials and I found them very helpful.

    I came across this one
    that states This reference to the .Parent function works fine in the cases of each of the Product Families, because each of the families has a parent, the All Products level of the Product dimension. Total Products, however, which represents the All Product level itself, has no parent - All Products occupies the highest level in the dimensional hierarchy.

    This would conclude why I was so confused – I had the words “Select Non Empty??? in my mdx query – due to this, the Net Sales % I was trying to show – simply did not even show up. Being familiar w/SQL – that’s why I kept going back to sum functions. You are correct when you say that mdx is a different animal – it is! (I have already ordered a book on mdx.) After removing the words Non Empty from my mdx query, [Category].Parent worked fine and the Net Sales % showed up. After that was working, I implemented the IIF (ISEMPTY()) functions inside my function for the calculated member and added the Non Empty words back into my mdx query.

    Now my question:
    When you solve one problem there’s always another that appears.

    How do I fix the Mondrian calculated member to use the Parent for every dimension? I want to be able to see the Net Sales percentage if I select any dimension to drill through. It currently only shows up if I select the Category dimension – which is the parent dimension I specified. You can specify another dimension with a comma like so: [Business Type].Parent, [Category].Parent. But this does not give me the desired effect. The net sales percent will only show up if Business Type and Category are expanded. I want it to show up if either is expanded. What would be the correct syntax to use the OR operator in this function? Is it possible? How about the colon? I’ve tried both, but have failed at producing the desired result. Any help you can offer will be most appreciated.

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    Hello crouchm,
    I am trying to find a solution to a similar problem, where I need to calculate the percent of sales for any dimension that is selected. I know this is an old thread, but were you able to come with a solution to do this. Can you please help me on how to do this.

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    Me too, can't find solution for this if an expert could share his knolwedge ....

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    I have the same problem, i think it must be easy, but i dont find the MDX for calculate percentage for all dimensions.

    Anybody can help me please.

    Sorry for my english and thanks very much!

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