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Thread: MDX Datasource

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    Default MDX Datasource

    Dear friends,

    I have a problem connecting to my Oracle 10G DB via an MDX_Datasource.

    The sequence I’m testing is so simple that I don’t have to describe it. it’s just obvious.

    I attached here, the xaction, the XML schema and the server log file.

    I hope I’ll find some help.

    Thank you by advance,


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    Default Re:MDX Datasource

    Take a look at this:

    ERROR [org.pentaho.repository.filebased.solution.SolutionRepository] SOLUTION-REPOSITORY:: SolutionRepository.ERROR_0007 - [fr_33] Could not read properties file C:/penthao_Deom1.1.1/pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/samples/datasources/messages

    What is this properties file? I never saw that on the doc.

    And this [fr_33]? Is there any relationship with the French language of my WinXP?

    It's killing me. I can’t go ahead with this stuff.

    Pentaho is great concept and a great framework but seems a little bit capricious.

    Yes I’m not a BI expert but the solution is not designed for experts (only). I hope so.

    One more think, I’m for real fascinated by Pentaho and I’m not gonna let down.

    Just, help us help you.



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