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Thread: How much does BI related work pay?

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    Default How much does BI related work pay?

    I am interested to have a career in Business Intelligence and I want to know the current pay for this job, the job titles that I can have and the future of this career.

    Is this job lower or higher than a programmer?
    If I am in BI development, how much should I make?
    Are there any future demands for this kind of job?
    What are the job titles that suits a person for this job?
    How sophisticated is this job?
    Is the open source path to BI have more potential than commercial BI?

    I am working in a bank in asia and my job is to implement open source data warehousing. I am solo in this project. I am responsible for exploring open source BI, ETL of data and implementation of server.


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    Default Re:How much does BI related work pay?

    A career in BI can pay very well. It is a role than combines both technical skills in setting up and maintaining a system, and business analysis as you need to know exactly which measures matter to the business.

    People who understand how to get value from technology and how business works are highly valued, so I would say that BI Developers will always be popular.

    However, it is a niche part of IT and you are at the whim of current trends whether you are in a high demand/low supply market or vice versa.

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    Default Re:How much does BI related work pay?

    I agree. I have been in BI for over a decade, both as a full time employee and as a consultant for a vendor and now a consultant for a independant services firm.

    It may be a niche currently, but it is a niche that will not go away. If anything is going to happen, Microsoft and tools such Pentaho will commoditize BI and make it "more available to the masses", in respect of changing the required skill sets.

    i.e. Building a BI system will become less of a need to know the product (like Microstratgey, my product of experience) to more of a just needing to know how to program (XML, JSP, ASP etc).

    Now, I have to admit, that is a gross generalization as Pentaho still requires the data warehousing skillset in order to create an adequate DB underpinnings of the system.

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