Hey everyone,

I'm posting this here since there is no SDK board as of yet.

I just downloaded the current 1.1.4 SDK and played with the standalone Pentaho application. Here are a few items you might want to consider in your next release of the package:

1.) Modify includes in standalone .java's to reflect new package structure (i.e. the "core" package refactorings)

2.) Same thing for the pentaho.xml file. The attached version worked for me.

3.) The HelloWorld solution still references the old package structure

4.) One thing I couldn't figure out: Where do you configure log4j to avoid the following warning?

Apr 15, 2006 7:33:56 PM org.pentaho.util.logging.Logger warn
WARNING: misc-org.pentaho.core.system.PentahoSystem: PentahoSystem.ERROR_0008 - Could not detemine IContentRepository implementor


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