I have created parameterized report (.rptdesign) using Eclipse 3.0 with using BIRT 1.0 and GEF 2.1.3. I can able to see the expected result in Eclipse Preview. I created .xaction using PentahoWorkbench-Golden(Eclipse 3.1.1). But if i deploy these in the Pentaho Preconfigured JBOSS server it is throwing Error message "Could not generate the parameter page".
what could be the reason?
Herwith am sending the report result page as "PentahoRpt.GIF" and designed report file "RoleParam.rptdesign" as attachement.

Note: non-parameterized report(i.e simple listing) designed in same environment is working fine in the Pentaho Preconfigured JBOSS server

Please reply ASAP.

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