Hi All!

I recently received the question "How does RedHat acquiring JBoss affect the Pentaho project"? via my Community Connection email. I thought that was a great question, so I decided to post the topic here, in case you guys were curious.

Here is our marketing dude's answer:


Thanks for your question about how the Red Hat acquisition of JBoss affects the Pentaho BI Platform. We’re going to post it to our community forums, since other users may well be interested. We monitor those forums very actively, so if you have other questions like this in the future, certainly feel free to post them in the forums on www.pentaho.org.

Relative to your question, there are a couple of pieces to it. From a technical perspective, it doesn’t really mean anything to us. We have a ton of Red Hat users, and a lot of JBoss users (we ship our pre-configured install on JBoss for Windows and Red Hat Linux). We’re all J2EE, so we don’t specifically “port??? to Red Hat or JBoss, but can support both by virtue of the standards, and we happen to test both internally and have multiple community members testing as well. We do use some JBoss technologies like Hibernate, and the acquisition will either add more resources to projects like Hibernate, or be neutral. Whichever way it goes, the code is already out there in open source. That’s one of the interesting things about open source, it provides a built in “insurance policy??? relative to acquisitions, because even if the vendor did something you didn’t like (and I’m sure Red Hat will be a good citizen with JBoss), you’ve got complete flexibility because you’ve got the source code.

From a business perspective, this is almost certainly a good thing for Pentaho, and for open source. We are part of the JBoss partner program, and are presenting at and participating at JBossWorld in June. If anything, the Red Hat acquisition will probably increase the interest in JBoss, and the attendance at the conference. And it has generated even more awareness of the growth of open source technologies, and the importance of open source in the future of software.

Thanks again for your question, and your interest in Pentaho.

Lance Walter
Vice President, Marketing