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Thread: using jasperReports in pentaho?

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    Default using jasperReports in pentaho?

    hi all,

    I have made my .jrxml files using iReport and now want to deploy them in pentaho. The "Creating Pentaho Solution guide" says that we need to corresponding .xaction file and then put that .xaction file in the solutions folder.

    My question is, do we need to create this xaction file by hand or we can use the "Design studio" to make the corresponding .xaction file??
    And to do it either way, can anybody tell me the exact steps for the same??
    please take note that my reports prompt for parameter input which is then passed into the query..


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    Default Re:using jasperReports in pentaho?


    Yes, Design Studio will help you make the .xaction.

    If you are running the Preconfigured Install (pentaho-demo) there are samples of deploying Jasper reports in the "2. Reporting Examples" folder. The "JasperReports Parameterized PDF Example" is a good place to start. You can edit it with design studio and replace the report definition or edit the .xaction XML by hand. Either way, this example shows how to use parameters.


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