This is a cross-post from Design Studio issues since I am not sure if it is RC1 1.2 or a general issue:

I have been working with the RC1 1.2 especially within the Design Studio. I am attempting to create a very simple XQuery xaction.

Is XQuery fully supported? I have been able to use XPath expressions in Design Studio:

/SAReport/SALevel/SAItem/SAProperty[@SAPrpName='Investment Project']/SAPrpValue

But I have not been able to use the equivalent XQuery:

for $p in //SAReport/SALevel/SAItem/SAProperty
where $p/@SAPrpName='Investment Project'
return $p/@SAPrpValue

This query works in Stylus Studio 2006. I do not find much information in the forums or in Nicholas Goodman's excellent blog about XQuery support. Any thoughts or pointers are much appreciated.

Bill Wimsatt