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Thread: XQuery Problems in Design Studio

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    Default XQuery Problems in Design Studio

    This is a cross-post from Design Studio issues since I am not sure if it is RC1 1.2 or a general issue:

    I have been working with the RC1 1.2 especially within the Design Studio. I am attempting to create a very simple XQuery xaction.

    Is XQuery fully supported? I have been able to use XPath expressions in Design Studio:

    /SAReport/SALevel/SAItem/SAProperty[@SAPrpName='Investment Project']/SAPrpValue

    But I have not been able to use the equivalent XQuery:

    for $p in //SAReport/SALevel/SAItem/SAProperty
    where $p/@SAPrpName='Investment Project'
    return $p/@SAPrpValue

    This query works in Stylus Studio 2006. I do not find much information in the forums or in Nicholas Goodman's excellent blog about XQuery support. Any thoughts or pointers are much appreciated.

    Bill Wimsatt

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    Default Solved - Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio

    Looks like RC2 will have a fix. Way to go!

    Bill W.

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    Default Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio

    The latest available release does not support FLWOR expressions. It will be supported in the next release.

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    Default Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio

    I am guessing that XQuery FLOWR did not make RC2. I am running Server Version 1.2.0 build 398 RC2. I tried a simple XQuery statement:

    for $v in /SAReport/SALevel/SAItem return $v

    and I get:


    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for XQueryLookupRule did not execute successfully (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: Starting execute of dear-security/datasources/getcnadata.xaction (org.pentaho.core.solution.SolutionEngine)
    Debug: Getting runtime context and data (org.pentaho.core.solution.SolutionEngine)
    Debug: Loading action sequence definition file (org.pentaho.core.solution.SolutionEngine)
    Debug: SolutionRepository.DEBUG_FILE_PATH - getFile path=C:\\java\\pentaho-demo\\pentaho-solutions\\dear-security\\datasources\\getcnadata.xaction (org.pentaho.repository.filebased.solution.SolutionRepository)
    Debug: audit: instanceId=7c4c387d-4fe0-11db-b03c-ed351bdcb73d, objectId=org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext, messageType=action_sequence_start (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: validateComponent validating component XQueryLookupRule (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: Validating component for action getcnadata.xaction (org.pentaho.plugin.xquery.XQueryLookupRule)
    Debug: Executing action sequence (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: Executing action definition: Iteration 0 (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: audit: instanceId=7c4c387d-4fe0-11db-b03c-ed351bdcb73d, objectId=XQueryLookupRule, messageType=component_execution_started (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: execute pre-audit (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: Setting component log level to DEBUG (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: Initializing component (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: executeComponent starting audited execute (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: execute validation=true (org.pentaho.plugin.xquery.XQueryLookupRule)
    Debug: Running query - for $v in /SAReport/SALevel return $v (org.pentaho.plugin.xquery.XQueryLookupRule)
    Debug: executeComponent finished audited execute (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for XQueryLookupRule did not execute successfully (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Debug: audit: instanceId=7c4c387d-4fe0-11db-b03c-ed351bdcb73d, objectId=org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext, messageType=action_sequence_failed (org.pentaho.core.runtime.RuntimeContext)
    Error: SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed (org.pentaho.core.solution.SolutionEngine)


    I can still run simple XPath type statements. Am I on the wrong path?

    Bill W.

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    Default Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio


    Marc and I went off an an interesting tangent today to get to this forum post starting with a problem with our EAR deployment in JBoss, but... We may have a solution for you. According to a JIRA case closed by Bill in July this is fixed and if you have our latest build it should be in there (I believe the build you are using it is working).

    Your original query:
    for $v in /SAReport/SALevel/SAItem return $v

    simply needs a little bit of tweaking:
    for $v in doc("{XML_DOCUMENT}")/SAReport/SALevel/SAItem return $v

    That should do the trick. I modified our XQuery sample under reporting (for testing) to be:
    for $x in doc("{XML_DOCUMENT}")/result-set/row where $x/ACTUAL > 500000 return $x

    Let us know how it goes for you.

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    Default Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio


    I will try it out. I have a complex set of XML documents served over HTTP so I have been really waiting for this feature. Looking forward to trying it out.


    Post edited by: billw, at: 2006/10/04 09:09

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    Default Re:XQuery Problems in Design Studio


    Works great! I have only used some simple expressions, and I will post if I find any additional issues.


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