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Thread: How did YOU promote pentaho? I just did

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    Default How did YOU promote pentaho? I just did

    Dear fellow open source enthiousiasts,

    with the hard work from the community the open source BI tools are really stepping it up. At the other end we have end users (like me) who try to get this technlogy to work and who also spread the word....

    Just today, at a large financial institution in the Netherlands where I'm employed I promoted Pentaho and Palo.

    We are fighting very hard to keep our demanding users content and have invested enormously in BI tools like Applix TM1, Hyperion, Business Objects and MicroStrategy.

    It is a rat race and the price they all demand is very much killing.

    As I had some good feedback here from mister J. Hyde himself (!!) and have witnessed the other core members are very active in providing support, I felt confident to mention Pentaho as an alternative to our Management Team. I've sketched some plans we could try to execute by using Pentaho. I really hope they are in for arguments and will give me the chance to outline my strategy and execute it.

    If succesfull, we will have one or more interns who will try to set this environment up to get experience in how this platform behaves in a production like environment. The models are not too complex but are demanding in that reports have to be delivered in pdf format to more then 1000 managers monthly. Also some analysts require OLAP functionality (drilling and slicing and dicing). The current solution is build with TM1 and Cubeware and we are evaluating Business Objects but their licensing schemes are driving us nuts. For every user who receives a report, the count that as a licence.......(and with more then a 100 users...just do the math).

    So I hope, in a few weeks or so, I can report that the management has decided to give this a try.

    They are willing I think because the upper management has given them a 20% reduction in costs target for the next year so maybe that will make em listen. Off course, the fact that the source is open and the excellent supoort make an open soure solution very appealing.

    Hope I can inform you with great news in a few weeks an if not, you also should try to do the same in your envionment and I know we will prevail......


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    Default Re:How did YOU promote pentaho? I just did

    That is awesome. Really great to hear. I know I mention it to everyone when ever the term "reporting" or any of the other word associated with BI comes up. Heck I talk about it so much that my friends tell me that they even have engaged co-works that deal with BI and suggested that they check pentaho out.

    I'll put money on the fact that this will not be the last and that as the word grows so will the acceptence and the community. ;-)

    Good Luck,

    Try not to have too much fun.
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    Nic Guzaldo
    That guy who shows up here
    and there

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