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Thread: Trying to debug the Pentaho SDK

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    Default Re:Trying to debug the Pentaho SDK

    Have you downloaded the latest SDK from the Subversion repository like the previous post to yours siuggests? If so, they haven't still updated the stand-alone project's code. Be patient, that post says that they are in the task of mantaining the SDK and all projects (including the stand-alone project) up to date. Seems that it was a bit out of date.

    Keep me informed please cause I'm also trying to get inside Pentaho's SDK.


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    From the error, it appears that all the dependencies aren't being located.

    At a high level, the steps to get things working should be as follows:

    a- Get the pentaho jar file from source forge (or build it from the pentaho source) - Here is the download section on sourceforge -

    You want the

    b- Get the pentaho-standalone project SVN

    c- Get the from source forge - this has various .jars in it that are used by the standalone project.

    d- Build the pentaho-standalone project using ANT.

    When you run, you'll need to make sure that the pentaho.jar and all the other dependent jar files are in your classpath. Otherwise, you'll see that class not found exception.

    Take care,


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    I'm also trying to install the pentaho-standalone.

    I have the latest jar from SourceForge.
    I have the latest version of pentaho-standalone from the SVN.
    I was unable to read the latest from SourceForge (it's corrupted... or at least empty...)
    But I have taken the lib from the SDK zip file.

    Anyway, I still have some errors. In resource/solution/system/pentaho.xml I had to change the line 23 to:
    org.pentaho.core.system.GlobalObjectInitializer (.core was missing)

    And line 7 to:
    org.pentaho.core.solution.SolutionEngine (.core was missing too)

    And I still have ClassNotFoundException. Now org.pentaho.repository.runtime.SimpleRuntimeRepository is missing.

    Where should it be?
    I've already spend 2-3 hours trying to set-up this project, and I'm slowly getting disappointed by such problems...


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    Default Re:Trying to debug the Pentaho SDK

    Please see the following post:

    - Brian

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