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Thread: Pentaho dashboard and Liferay portal integration

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    Default Pentaho dashboard and Liferay portal integration

    We are trying to convert JSP components of our application to portlets and deploy them on Liferay portal server. As our application uses some dashboarding concept, we want to use Pentaho dashboard components. We are successful in testing evaluating Liferay and Pentaho separately but not able to integrate with both together. So, can anyone suggest me how to go forward....

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    Default Re:Pentaho dashboard and Liferay portal integratio

    Definition of a portlet and the portlet.xml are covered by the JSR-168 spec. However, how the portlets get glued together, how the URLs get re-written, basically everything else is vendor dependent.

    We've done work to get our JSR-168 portlets to work inside of JBoss portal and at one point, Pluto. Someone else on the forums was able to get our portlets working inside Stringbeans.

    When you find out how to integrate our JSR-168 portlets into Liferay, we'd love to get some kind of cookbook procedure from you so that we can add it as a technical tip.



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    I am really interested in this as well !! Can you please tell me how far did you get in the liferay integration?

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    Any updates on this?

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