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Thread: connect to own oracle data from pentaho

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    Default connect to own oracle data from pentaho

    I am new to pentaho, and I am in the process of evaluating it. I want to connect to my own oracle 9i/10g database cubes to do some OLAP analysis and dashboard type of application just like the analysis and dashboard samples which come with pentaho. I cannot find anywhere in pentaho documentations showing me step by step instructions on how to do this? For example, what .xml files I need to create/change, what extra jar I need and put to where etc.

    Anybody out there can share his/her experience with this?

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    Default Re:connect to own oracle data from pentaho

    well I would look at all the stuff for mysql that's on the boards and in the tech tips by the FAQ's.

    You'll need to add a drive build an mondrian cube to mimic your OLAP structure. if you want to run purely off orical you can probably use the kettle's sample transaction found in the tech tips and base a lot of what you do off the mysql stuff.

    BUt if you do get this going why not write a good step by step and post it to the forum or contribute it as a tech tip.

    Hope you get it going and feel the power of the force,

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