I have created a report using BIRT 2.1 report designer and I would like to know how to put this into the Pentaho demo.

I understand that maybe I need the RC3 version of the demo from the SVN, but I am not sure.


- do I need to use RC3 to display my report?
- if so how do I download and install RC3?

I have looked at the SVN repository and I can see under pentaho and pentaho-samples that it looks like it can handle BIRT but I don't know how to build the demo

- how do I add my BIRT report into the demo?

I would like to use JFreeReport but I found that BIRT had the features that I need that I couldn't find in JFreeReport. (Whether I can achieve the same results in JFreeReport will be another question.)

Thank you for your help.