Hi all...

I am doing a LineChart. My query:

select tb_prd_data.id_dia as dia, sum(tb_prd_uso.tempo) as uso
from tb_prd_uso
inner join tb_prd_data on tb_prd_uso.id_data=tb_prd_data.id_data
inner join tb_prd_escola on tb_prd_uso.id_escola=tb_prd_escola.id_escola
where tb_prd_data.id_ano = 2006 and
tb_prd_data.nm_mes = '{MES}' and
tb_prd_escola.nm_regional = '{REG}' and
tb_prd_escola.nm_escola = '{ESC}'
group by tb_prd_data.id_dia
order by tb_prd_data.id_dia

My graph is all ok, but it shows me two lines, one from the sum field and other from the id_dia field. I dont need this from id_dia, but all I dont know how to hide this line.

Do you have some advice?

Thanks in advance...