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Thread: "Looping variable not accepted"???

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    Default "Looping variable not accepted"???

    I got a huge problem with looping over a result-set.

    I start with a relational lookup from a MySQL DB
    Looping over the result-set works at the beginning, e.g sending an email for each row.

    After adding a few if-conditions with Message Templates and e-mail actions inside, the loop doesn't work anymore.

    Running the .xaction results in "Action succesful"
    but nothing happens, what actually should happen within the loop.
    Setting the debug-Level to "Info" Or "Trace" I see the following warnings:

    16:13:25,187 WARN  [RuntimeContext] ac89e66c-73f2-11db-8a7f-3fc8ed4738b7:RUNTIME
    :context-26898337-1163517205156:NotificationService.xaction Loopvariable nicht anerkannt: KPI_Limit Typ class java.lang.Double
    16:13:25,187 WARN  [RuntimeContext] ac89e66c-73f2-11db-8a7f-3fc8ed4738b7:RUNTIME
    :context-26898337-1163517205156:NotificationService.xaction Loopvariable nicht anerkannt: Communicated Typ class java.lang.Boolean
    16:13:25,187 WARN  [RuntimeContext] ac89e66c-73f2-11db-8a7f-3fc8ed4738b7:RUNTIME
    :context-26898337-1163517205156:NotificationService.xaction Loopvariable nicht anerkannt: Accepted Typ class java.lang.Boolean
    I Attached the xaction-file.

    Deleting the if-conditions and recovering to the state which was working before does not help. The same warnings show up and the execution ist stopped.

    Do I have to convert every value I extract out of a database to String before I can use a loop. Are there any restrictions?

    Many thanks in advance:

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    dmoran Guest

    Default Re:"Looping variable not accepted"???


    You are right about the warnings, Double and Boolean were missing from the defined types in the loop. I don't think that that is your problem.

    Is it possible that the data coming back for ChannelToUse is not "PushMail" or "SMS"? The compare is case sensitive. Also make sure that the column name coming back from the SQL is "ChannelToUse" with the exact case.

    If that doesn't work, attach the server.log file to a reply to this post. Restart the server first to clear out the log, then run NotificationService.xaction and then shutdown the server. There may be something else in the log that will give us a clue.

    Overall, what you have looks correct assuming the data cooperates.


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