I was very excited to find Pentaho and eagerly wanted to create my first Dashboard. Now I’m just completely frustrated. And as I search these posts, I see thousands of people are looking for the same basic answer with little to no response from Pentaho: How do you create/deploy a non-sample dashboard; i.e. how do you actually use this thing?

I've read that "The 'Dashboard Building Guide' explains the workings of [the] dashboard in detail"; actually, it doesn't explain anything in detail. It's vague and abstract. What it does is tell me is what happens when I click on something, and then provides me with parameter-values of accompanying XML files. How do I customize the data? What about using Filters? The Portal example uses a filter; I would like to build that version.

In one post you said "The dashboard concept does not require a portal. You can embed the controls into your own page and handle the layout and navigation on your own." Okay.. how? Can you provide some direction? A How-to?

What I'd really like to do is create my own version of the dashboard just like the PCI portal version, the one with the region/departments filter on the top-left. From your sales pitch, this should have been relatively straight forward. However, in practice, thousands of us have no idea what you’re talking about..

Please help..

Btw. I’m using the RC3 demo and yes my Java Environment is set to my Java SDK.