I've seen and correctly installed the pentaho-demo, and i'm really impressed, i'd like to use it in a production environment.

Now, obviously, the problems:
- I have JBoss 4.1, I red the installation instruction in the advanced guide for the 4.0. Are the ears are compatibile or should i make some modifications?
- I also red "...The JBoss 4.0.3 application server does not come with the JBoss Portal deployed, so any Pentaho portal
features or samples will not work. Instructions for setting up the Pentaho platform with a pre-existing JBoss
Portal are coming soon..." What does it mean? Do I need to download JBoss AS + JBoss Portal (instead of only JBoss AS) to have the whole features of Pentaho? Can I follow the same suggestions in the guide to use it in that environment?

Thanks a lot for your replies.
Giampiero Granatella