Dear all,

I am currently working on JasperReportsComponent capabilities and it seems that the component do not manage all JasperReports features.

1 - access to resources such as subreports, images or resource bundles
? it seems that JasperReports cannot find them even if they are defined with relative path
¤ proposed solution : to declare these resources as Action sequence resources,then to specify them as complementary resources of the JasperReportsComponent and then to put them in the parameter of executed JasperReports (with good parameter name).

2 - ParameterProvider does not provide well defined parameters to JasperReports for the HttpRequestParameterProvider implementation, only java.lang.String are provided.
? there is always an error when JasperReport has an Integer parameter and when it is launched from pentaho webapp.
¤ proposed solution : to convert returned java.lang.String parameter in the corresponding JRParameter type.

3 - Html output of jasperreports
? html output is first stored on the solution repositoy (system/tmp/reportName). What about concurrent access?
¤ generate html output in a path based on UserSession infos.
For example, system/tmp/usersessionID/reportName.

That's all.

I hope it will help Pentaho Team to provide us a strong solution.