I am new to JFreeReport.

How's JFreeReport compares to JasperReports? Anyone has an opinion which one is more beneficial?

With JFreeReports or JasperReports, can you deploy from a webpage, and does it required any jdk or jre on the client side?

Is there any examples that are used in the jsp/ servlets(MVC) model?

Currently, my application is in MVC, and am looking to implement some kind of reporting. The reports are not over-sophisticated. I had problem in controlling the text flow in print() text/html.

I have store procedures written already with in parameters and out parameters, can I use it in JFreeReport (or JasperReport)? The store procedures are on Oracle so I would imagine that I just have to call it.

But, first, I will need to pass the search critera/filter first to get in the "in parameters" from the users, pass it to the store procedures, and pass the out parameters to the reports.

So, I would imagine pass the "out parameters" to the Swing and open a popup for report preview, prints, and etc. ????

I am not enthusiastic in using an applet where I would have to deal with security and installation for the first time on the client.

Any suggestions???