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Thread: JfreeReport 0.8.2 documentation

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    Default JfreeReport 0.8.2 documentation

    Hi Dave/Thomas,

    I am sending my queries regarding documentation to this forum and not to the mail id because most of the people like me may face this problem so I thought let your response be in public so that it may help them too!!.

    It seems JFreeReport 0.8.2 documentation is not yet available for purchase. When can i expect that to be available. Is it atleast possible now to get the draft document of V0.8.2?

    I am currently working on exporting report from java to excel. I want to know in detail about how to define XML for generating reports. If V0.8.2 documentation is not available which documentation of the previous version can provide these details.

    Moreover in the online store i found that documentation of JFreeReport is included with the purchase of documentation for JFreeChart. Can i know what version of JFreeReport documentation is bundled with JFreeChart.

    Awaiting for the reply,

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Niran,

    You can blame me for this, not Thomas. I've been swamped with both work and non-work things lately, and the JFreeReport documentation has gotten behind (I currently have a 0.8.1 draft available). I suspended the sales for this reason.

    I'd like to say I'll get it completed quickly, but my workload hasn't reduced yet, so I'll have to see. At the current time, if you buy a copy of the JFreeChart documentation you will also receive (as a free "bonus") the download link for the JFreeReport documentation (0.8.1 draft).

    Sorry for the inconvenience...

    Dave Gilbert

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