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Thread: How to set different TableModel in header,itemband,footer ?

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    Default How to set different TableModel in header,itemband,footer ?


    I'm using XML to draw the report with TableModel. The model is created for storing the data for the ItemBand. And I don't wish to put the header/footer data into the same model. The model is something like a "database table, has many row and column". And the header/footer data may be unqiue and not neccessary to store in the row/column. But as I know, TableModel seem the only way to store data which the XML needs. Please give me some advices. Thanks.


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    setting different TableModels is not yet supported, but as you want to put the values into a report header/footer, try the ReportProperties...

    In the functions section of the xml definition, you would simple define all report properties you want to define for your report:

       <property-ref name="">optional a string value</property-ref>
       <property-ref name=""/>
    In your programm, you can define the values for your report after your report definition got parsed.

    JFreeReport report = // parse it ...
    Object anyobject = // should fit the usage, 
    // numbers for Number-elements, images for 
    //image-elements etc ...
    report.setProperty &#40;"", object&#41;;
    The values of the report properties now can be used as if they are constant values in the TableModel.

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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