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Thread: Make pagefooter end with the item band without any spaces ?

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    Default Make pagefooter end with the item band without any spaces ?


    I'm not clear about the differences between report.dtd and extreport.dtd. My purpose is that I want the pagefooter end with the item band without any spaces. But as I know, the pagefooter must fix the height and how to make it change it y to following the item band ? I'm using XML to generate the report. Please show me a simple example. Thanks.

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    Default Same Problem Here

    I am having same problem with footer.
    If you got it please reply.

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    the pagefooter is by definition located at the bottom of the page. There is no way to move it to an other location.

    For your desired effect, you might want to have a look at the repeated group footers instead. Just define your content in the group footer and set the footer's 'repeat' flat to true and it will be printed directly below the last band on every page.

    There is no great difference between the DTDs regarding the feature set of JFreeReport. The extreport-version is a maschine-read and -writable version, humans usually find such report definitions a bit chatty and hard to edit.


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