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Thread: Multiple TableModels

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    Default Multiple TableModels

    When is JFreeReport going to support more that one TableModel, and how is this intended to work, one TableModel per Band ?

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    the "when" is written in the stars ... but how its going to be supported is easier:

    You will get a database like strukture, where every tablemodel will be handled as database table. Selecting the report data from these tables will be done in SQL.

    Together with SubReports, this feature should be able to handle all reporting cases. You will be able to modify the datasets for the subreports from within the report engine.

    The mutilple tablemodel feature will be implemented as soon as all testcases were written, the bugs were squashed, the JFreeChart integration is finally completed and (maybe) the page spanning bands are implemented. So much to do, so less time ...

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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    Have you got a time frame?

    i.e. this week, this month, 2 -3 months etc.

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