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    I'm trying to structure an XML document to accept a nested group. I have the first group created, but the nesting process isn't working. I keep receiving this error:

    ERROR: Failed to parse the report definition

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: These groups are not comparable, they don't have any subgroup relation

    at Source)

    That's the short version of the error.

    I guess what would help me is to see a structural example of what a nested grouping in an XML document would look like. If they're being compared, what am I missing from the one to make them not comparable?

    Thank you

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    a subgroup must contain all fields of its parent group.


    Group 1 contains the field: "Country".
    A subgroup of this group must also contain the "Country" field, and extends it by one or more fields: "Country", "Town".

    If you want to subgroup this group, you have to include all fields again: "Country", "Town" and extend it by one or more fields "Road", "Name".

    So the group declarations are as follows:
    <group name="group1">
    <group name="subgroup1">
    <group name="subgroup2">
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    said Thomas

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