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Thread: Runtime Libraries

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    Default Runtime Libraries

    Hi forum,

    i didn't test the library so far, but compare serveral solutions. My question is concerning the size of the libs required. Do i need all libs (xml-parser, etc.) during the runtime? I also found jasperReport which generates a java-class and requires only this during runtime.
    The background is, that we want to print out of an applet and do not want to transfer all libs to the clients machine.

    thanks a lot in advance,

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    you wont need the parser if you dont use it. You can parse the report on the server and transfer a serialized object to the client (or save the serialized report) or you can use the API to generate the report.

    The Pixie-library is needed for WMF support, but its implementation is not modularized yet (is now on the todo list), but ass this lib is just 100kb, it should not be that much.

    JCommon is definitly required, there is no way to remove that package without breaking everything.

    If you don't use the parser, it should also be safe to remove the package and all sub packages.

    The JUnit package is not required and was removed from the current CVS version(and was never used anyway in the main lib, so you can safely remove this jar file too).

    I hope that helps a little bit ...

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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