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Thread: Specify diffent font size/type in a label/string element.

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    Default Specify diffent font size/type in a label/string element.


    I've to display different size/type in a sentence in my pdf report. For example, I wanna to highlight a word: "He gives her a rose." This may be a String/Label element, I hope the rose can be Bold, and the rest are plain. There has any ways to do so ?

    I can split this sentence into 2 element, but I've to calculate where does "He gives her a " stop and set the x for the "rose" in order to end with the sentence.

    Please guide me how to do it. Thanks.

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    this is impossible to do yet. The ony solution to the problem for now is to compute the stringwidth of all components manually and then to adjust the absolute position of all elements. This calculation must be done in a report function, if your content is dynamic.

    Support for rich documentes is planed but not yet implemented.

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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