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Thread: In preview save to pdf , but it's empty

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    Default In preview save to pdf , but it's empty

    I can view my report in preview very well (both in English and Traditional Chinese) , but when I save it to pdf , it appears to be empty.
    I use font "Arial Unicode MS" , which encoding should I use to avoid the problem?

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    Default It's the gif file

    I have a gif graphic file in my report , when I take it away , the pdf works fine.
    Now my question is "Can I put the gif file in report when I use the encoding identity-H?"

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    try with jpg, it runs for me


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    iText seems to have problems with some GIF files. I haven't found one of them yet, so I had no chance of testing it or even to collect more informations on that issue... it would be great, if you could send me that image for testing ...

    As workaround for that bug, use JPeg or PNGs, they are better supported. The PNGs should not have transparency enabled, iText does not like this.

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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    Default Yes , I Have the same chinese problem.

    Tell me !

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