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Thread: ItemSumFunction problem

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    Default ItemSumFunction problem

    Suppose I got 3 groups and one metric columns on the table model.
    I apply ItemSumFunction to that metric for the corresponding group and display the total on group footer. But it accumulates the total, suppose, the total value of the metrics for a group is 50, it works well... it shows 50 but for the next group, it shows the new value suppose 30, plus the old value 50, so the total for next group is 80, and so on....
    I need to do the group sum only, not accumulate.
    I tried using groupTotalSumFunction but always shows 0
    Thanks for answering.

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    the Group functions need to know, on which groups they should reset their counters.

    Didi you specify a "group" property for the function with the same name as the group where the function is used in the header?

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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