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Thread: group footer absolute positioning?

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    Default group footer absolute positioning?

    hi all
    i'm still searching a way to print some text in an absolute position (I mean not dinamically dipendent from the data item band lenght)
    i thought in using group footer... is it a good solution?

    for the entire thread:
    thx bisa

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    sorry for that delay ...

    whether your task is solveable is dependend on the used bill forms.

    If all pages of the bill are printed on the same form and it is just the last page that should have the additional summary information, then the solution is easy:

    Define a page footer and hide it until the last page is printed. Hiding the footer can be done with an function (and you get informed whether the last page is printed, as the report-finished event is thrown.

    But if only the last page has that special summary area, and all other pages would print items on that area, then there would be no safe solution. In cases where the item band just filled the summary space (without causing a pagebreak, so that the page is filled but the report footer would not fit on that page anymore), you would get unsolveable problems.

    JFreeReports current printing algorithm is not able to handle other cases than the ordinary top down filling of a page; a replacement was planed a long time ago (in some days it should be the first year ), but until now we didn't find the time for solving that ...

    If you could send me an example (or a descriptive model) of the used forms, so that I get an idea how they look like, I will be able to give more specific help ...

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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    hi taqua
    thanx for your answer
    i sended an e-mail with the xml file and the form.

    if you want my ICQ # is 326457502

    thanx a lot
    thx bisa

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