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Thread: ERROR: State Added xxxx What does this mean.

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    Default ERROR: State Added xxxx What does this mean.

    I get 'ERROR: State Added' error messages and the report appears to freeze (buttons on Preview inoperable). I stripped the report back to completely empty but still get a
    'ERROR: Added State: class' message.
    Is this message significant?

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    In short: No ...

    This "error" message is just debug message which wants to be important. It can be ignored (and recent versions of JFreeReport do not contain this message anymore).

    Older versions did not have a proper error handling, so it could be that your report has caused an exception. This would have been printed in the console log, but no messages appear in the dialog (again: this is true for older versions, recent versions are more intelligent here).

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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