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Thread: Problems understanding JFreeReport

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    Default Problems understanding JFreeReport


    I am trying to use JFreeReport in combination with Enhydra 5.0. I currently use FOP as my reporting framework and am planning to migrate to JFreeReport, since its richer and easier to develop. But am having problems understanding how to fill in data. My requirement is: the application generates values and data from the db ( which I can store that as variables ) and I need to fill these variables in a report
    ( which can appear as an HTML but mostly PDF ). So is there any way, I can fill in data from the application w/o generating an xml file ?

    Is there anyway / example I can look at, to use JFreeReport for my requirements ?

    thanking you in advance.


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    JFreeReport uses TableModels to read the data for the reports. The tablemodels named columns are referenced in the various elements and will be used later to read the data from the tablemodel.

    Utility classes to create tablemodels from ResultSets are contained in the package, so you don't have to worry about that topic...

    The general layout of the report has to be defined separatly. There is no default report generation depending on just a given tablemodel.

    The report layout can be either defined using the xml file or by using the API. The only data that is contained in the xml file are the static labels and images, anything else is only referenced by their column name.

    The examples for JFreeReport can be found in the demo package, the class SampleReport1 shows how to use the API to define a report.

    Have more fun,
    said Thomas

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