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Thread: Another question about the LGPL thingy.

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    Default Another question about the LGPL thingy.


    I'm working on a commercial software for restaurants and I'd like to use JFreeReport for generating printable documents.
    I use Launch4J to create an executable from the applications JAR file to make it easier to install and launch the software. Launch4J has an opportunity to use a bundled JRE, so the user don't have to install the java runtime. So the question is, can I put the JFreeReport jar files into the lib directory of the bundled JRE and use the .EXE executable to launch the software, or does this kind of linking violate the LGPL license?
    Regards, Factor.

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    this should not be a problem, as long as the receiver of the software is able to rebuild the package/EXE-file in case they made changes to the LGPL-libraries.

    As Lanch4J is also opensource, providing either a script or at least an explaination how to do it should be enough to comply with the LGPL for that point.

    Remember that you have to include the LGPL in your distribution package along with either a written offer to supply the sourcecode for all LGPL libraries or with the source-code of these libraries itself. (The later one is less trouble if your software is distributed on CDs.)


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    That's what I wanted to "hear"

    Thank you very much for the quick reply.

    Regards, Factor

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