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Thread: Empty Report when saving report as txt file

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    Default Empty Report when saving report as txt file

    Hi ,

    I am able to save the report as .pdf but when i go to save the report in .txt format only the headers are coming in the report and no data is coming in the table.

    Help on this will be really appreciated.



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    this can have numerous causes, but most of the time, it is just that your text elements are not large enough to support a single line of text.

    In the plain text export, the declared font size is ignored and the effective font size is derived from the LinesPerInch parameter.

    The formula is simple: "FontHeight = 72 / linesPerInch"; so if you export the report with a LPI of 6, then your text elements must have a height of 12 points (12 pt = 72pt / 6 lpi).

    Yes, I know, that schema is ugly, evil and has strange sideeffects, making it hard to create sane report definitions. But all the trouble is caused by the absolute positioning of the report elements, which allows relativly context-free layouts, but in return it causes these effects on non-graphical exports.


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