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Thread: Using a JTree in JFreeReport

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    Default Using a JTree in JFreeReport


    Does anyone know how to display a JTree in a JFreeReport? Using the API is preferable.


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    Default Please help...

    None of those big brains out there can give me a hint?

    Is there something already written that I can use? Do I have to make my own table model? That's what I'm doing now but it's a royal pain and I'm losing years off my life doing it...

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    you can display a JTree as an image or drawable - but nothing (except the already mentioned transformation into a TableModel) will allow you to use the TreeModel as datasource for a report tool. That solution has the limitation that once your tree is bigger than a page, it gets cut after the first page. And all you get is an image of an JTree on paper - I guess that's not realy what you want.

    Reporting is traditionally based on denormalized tables, only very few tools support tree structures (and the only one I could name would be "Windward Reports").


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    thanks, thomas.

    i put it in a table model but i've got columns that contain both strings and images. is there a function to check to see if the value is an image, print an image, else print a string?

    thanks again,

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