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Thread: Replacing export plugins in preview windows

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    Default Replacing export plugins in preview windows


    is there a nice way to replace dynamically the export plugins shown in the preview windows? I would like to show a simple export properties dialog, possibly only with file name, not the complicated one, currently shown by the export plugins (especially the PDF export plugin). The dialogs, as I saw, are not replaceable, but also I can't unregister the already registered plugins, to replace them with custom ones showing simple properties dialogs.


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    I guess you can change the export plugins at run time. I am not sure about the run time because I didn't look at the code but I am pretty sure you can change the implementation.

    Write a new module, just look at the PDF export module (org/jfree/report/modules/gui/pdf) and mimic it.
    After that, just change the global config key
    This key is in and there a several ways to change this key. (Look in the forum about how configure it ... or ask for help if needed)
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