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Thread: Too Slow Printing

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    Default Too Slow Printing

    Hi friends ,
    I am using JFreeReport to print an Invoice of medical store. The printer used there is Dot Matrix . Now the speed of the printing is too low .
    What to do ?

    Suggestions Required,
    Thanking You,
    Sohil Surti

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    you could try to use the PlainTextExport instead of using the ordinary printing. The standard printing of Java creates a huge raster image, which is sent to the printer - matrix printers are awfully bad at that job.

    By using the plain text export, you can send a text stream to the printer, which is a lt faster. We also support ESC/P and IBM compatible printer control codes, so that you get bold and italics text as well. To print directly, you will have to use JavaCOMM or an equivalent technique to send the plain text output to the printer - we have no built in support for that.


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    Default Give An Example

    Can You Give Me An Example Of How To Use It ?
    Thanking You,
    Sohil Surti

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    Default slow printing of a dotmatrix printer

    I have another idea . In printer option dialog box , select the 'draft mode'
    it would increase the speed of printing slightly.


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