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Thread: Where to discuss general things?

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    Default Where to discuss general things?

    Hi there!
    I found the Help forum useful for help on problems installation and so on. But what is the right place to participate in discussion about architecture, features and other general stuff?
    I've read the overview on your perforce home page, but I think there's still a lot of docs to write ...
    I want to dive into Mondrian, so where to start?

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    Default RE: Where to discuss general things?

    The best way to dive into Mondrian is to sign up as a developer, take on a task, and focus on gaining the knowledge necessary to achieve that task. The
    mailing list is a forum where developers can air their questions and opinions about the architecture.
    I am always open to suggestions of where more documentation is needed, whether the target audience is developers or end-users. Please let me know where you think the deficiencies are.
    However, I confess that I am intensely irritated by general dicussions on architecture, and (especially!) open-source political correctness. The mantra of the open-source movement should be "show me the code!". Sign up as a developer, and you will get a good deal more of my time.

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