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    1) I can get mondrian 0.5 to compile on any platform.. BUT I can't for the life of me get the rdbms tests to suceed under linux (under win32 it worked). Are the tests hard-coded for odbc under win32 or something??? After failing the tests, I could connect to oracle (after reconfiguring the test queries etc - although there seems to be some hard-coded odbc stuff there too..).. so I'm confused.
    2) Also, another question. if I want to use different databases... do I need to recompile mondrian - after changing (and build.xml??) ??
    3) is it possible to connect to multiple databases - ie obtain data from multiple sources, or must all tables be in a single database instance --- if possible, then how????
    4)... offtopic... but has anyone had trouble compiling jpivot? It refuses to resolve the mondrian class symbols.. (

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    1. The only dependency upon ODBC is via Sun's JDBC/ODBC driver. Change your driver list (part of the connect string, and also the mondrian.jdbcDrivers property, which defaults to "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver,org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver,oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"), and you should be okay.
    2. No, you don't need to re-compile mondrian.
    3. Currently all tables in a given mondrian schema need to be within the same database. We could allow tables to be in different schemas (what Oracle calls 'users', and what SQL Server calls 'databases'), and if so, log an RFE. But we do need to join fact tables to dimension tables, and we can't do that efficiently if the tables are in different locations.
    4. You need to copy mondrian.jar into $MAVEN_HOME/repository/mondrian/jars. (You may need to rename it to mondrian-0.5.jar, too.)

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