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Thread: synchronize cache with DBMS changes?

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    Default synchronize cache with DBMS changes?

    If there are changes made to the underlying DBMS, how to programmatically invalidate the cache?

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    Default RE: synchronize cache with DBMS changes?

    I'd like to provide a better way of flushing the cache a in future release, in which case, this method may change/disappear.

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    Default RE: synchronize cache with DBMS changes?

    I have added such sentence in the page testpage.jsp.
    It works when I open this page everytime.
    But it failed to refresh the data in the table when I do it via a button.
    Since I wand to refresh the data anytime during doing olap analysis. If I re-open this page, everything is reset. So I put a button
    like this
    <wcf:imgbutton id="flushButton01" img="reload" tooltip= "toolb.reload" href="testpage.jsp?isFlush=yes" />
    and at the begin of this page, check the paramter isFlush, and flush the cache.But nothing changed..
    How can I solved this problem?
    is this because the query pape is included in to this testpage.jsp or ?

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    Default RE: synchronize cache with DBMS changes?

    This should work

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