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    can properties be accessed yet? if so, could you show me an example MDX please? is it something like:
    select {[Promotion Media].[All Media]} ON columns,
    NON EMPTY {[Customers].[All Customers].[USA].[CA].[Berkeley]} DIMENSION PROPERTIES [Name].[Gender]
    ON rows
    from [Sales]

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    You can get properties just by calling Member.getPropertyValue(<propertyName>).
    You don't even need to specify the DIMENSION PROPERTIES clause -- we support that clause just for compatibility, but don't do anything with it.
    This behavior may change if we find that transmitting all properties affects performance (in the XML for Analysis API, for example).

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    maybe it's because i'm sending my MDX from JPivot, but I couldn't get the syntax you have an actual example query that would work in the jpivot mondrian test query?

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