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Thread: problem with MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES on w98

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    Default problem with MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES on w98

    always trying to use MONDRIAN on a w98 with TOMCAT i want to see SQL generated by MONDRIAN.
    So i've had mondrian.trace.level=1 in the file MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES. Then i put it in TOMCAT_HOME\bin. (TOMCAT_HOME is c:\test\tomcat)
    But when go on testpage.jsp?query=mondrian i have a message in the console saying me:
    Mondrian: Warning: file 'C:\test\Tomcat\' not found
    Then i decided to put it in TOMCAT_HOME . But it's the same. So i can't load MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES.
    2 questions:
    1 - where else could i put MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES?
    2 - is there another way to load mondrian properties in TOMCAT?

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    Default RE: problem with MONDRIAN.PROPERTIES on w98

    Hi greatmaster, I've the same problem.
    Did you receive some mail or solution about location of
    If it's right, please send me the answer.
    Thank in advanced,

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