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Thread: What are you doing with Kettle?

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    Default What are you doing with Kettle?

    Personaly, I've used Kettle to:

    - Build star schema data warehouses
    - Extract and manipulate road map data (ESRI GIS)
    - Extract and convert data from a directory full of Excel files
    - Transfer data from a warehouse to MS-Access for large mailing (600k rows+). This was not possible using the reporting tool
    - backup directories of inflow files using an FTP job
    - ...

    What are you doing with Kettle?
    Tell me about your experiences, problems, successes.
    It will help make Kettle better in the coming months and years.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Default RE: What are you doing with Kettle?

    I'm converting Scientists atomic movement data to MEL that can be input into Maya and rendered very beautifully.

    The scientist's data consists of 1000 atoms' name, color, XYZ coordinates, and bonded atoms over 2000 frames.

    1. I would like a 1-to-1 text file conversion.
    --Meaning that in any give list of consecutive files, some text files are larger than others. I need to be able to parse the contents of ONE text file and then output ONE text file for that data. Instead of a Split every N number of lines option. AND allow that "split and write to file" option to be executed by a javascript command.

    WHY: For what I do, each text file represents one frame of animation on a timeline so the files have to match up based on frame numbers or the whole animation gets out of sync when frame 256's commands are in file 234.

    2. I would like pipe any Javascript variable into any field in any Transformation. This way the split option can change for every new text file loaded.

    If there's a way to do any of this, please let me know!!!

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