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    I'm writing a tranformation plugin and am having trouble with ValueInteger. I'm adding a new field to a row like this:

    r.addValue(new Value("inv_week", i));

    where i is an int. I believe this would create a new ValueInteger.

    When the next step runs it complains that inv_week is not set. The problem does not occur if I cast to long:

    r.addValue(new Value("inv_week", (long)i));

    Am I using Value correctly or is there a problem with using int?

    Thx, Jeff
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    The constructor Value(String, int) is to create an empty value (null) with a certain data type.
    Like this:

    Value value1 = new Value("name", Value.VALUE_TYPE_STRING);
    Value value2 = new Value("id", Value.VALUE_TYPE_INTEGER);

    If you want to set an int, byte, long, ... value use:


    Please note that you can change data types like this:

    value1.setValue(5) turning value1 into an Integer.
    This data type change is automatic, just like this.

    String name = value1.getString(); // "Jeff"
    String strId = value2.getString(); // "5"



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    Default RE: ValueInteger

    OK, I got it Matt. I'm just using the constructor wrong.
    Thx, Jeff

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